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Logical Defiance Productions is a company comprised of six professionals from around the world who specialize in audio. Each member is dedicated to handling everything related to music and sound design. Individual members have a unique style to approaching their work, creating LD original ideas or working with clients to help support their own ideas. Our team includes artists from the United States, Canada, and Malta. Our group in Malta works on orchestral, rock, and electronic music as well as other genres. Our member in Canada specializes on Latin and jazz styles. Our US staff includes our founder, publicist, and marketing engineer. As a whole, we work to provide our clients with superior audio services at a low cost. Consultations are always free, so please contact us for any inquiries. Also, visit our bio page for more information on the LD crew.

News And Updates

  • Welcome 4 new members to the LD Team!

    I'm excited to say that LD productions is now an international group of 4 specialists! A few weeks back we began merging with a production company out of Malta and now we are full swing. So what does this mean exactly? Well, for starters, we have 4 times the manpower we used to. This means we can take on bigger projects, and finish the same size projects even faster. It also means that every piece of work we do will be carefully reviewed and critiqued by all of us to make sure the end product is even better. Cheers! - Mike Breed