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Big Upgrades to the Studio

LD Productions expanded last week with a slew of new software, devices, and projects. These upgrades will allow loads of new composition and sound design possibilities.

For starters, a new instrument package coming in summer 2012. This instrument package will have over 50 percussion instruments sampled at multiple velocities and articulations, as well as tons of percussive effects. Because this means over 10 thousand recordings, LD productions will be offering a spring internship to chicago locals to help with the process.

Also on it's way is a new cinematic collection. It will include songs written for media that will take you on a ride through the emotions of an action thriller. This concept album will be unique in that each song will be able to loop in itself as well as play into any other piece flawlessly. Luckily for all you out there, this will be released for free sometime later this winter.

Last but not least, there are numerous amounts of new projects set up for this winter. Expect more news posts and more free music! Oh and if you haven't yet, check out the new 2011 Music Reel for a yearly overview of selected songs written this year.




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