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Meet the Team:

LD Production Team



Michael Breed (founder of LD Productions) started his musical journey in December, 2006. Inspired by dance artists he started producing EDM. His passions grew as he began to expand in production. Michael began using Sony ACID and later FL Studio in March of 2008, and this is where the real music adventure began. After years of production research, Breed is now studying classical music composition, and can both write and produce hundreds of different styles of high quality music and sound.




In 2005, Gerald stumbled upon the amazing and awe inspiring world of Music Production. As time went by Gerald became more interested in the vast world of production and came to realize that his drive in life, his passion, and the reason why he got up every day, was, is, and always will be, music. After coming to this realization Gerald started dedicating himself to learning all he could to better himself as a producer. One way, was the formation of a DJ/Production duo in 2010 called Gritty Filth. They stormed the Chicago crowds by suprise when they opened for world renown dubstep producer Rusko at the Congress Theatre only months after their first show. Gerald and his DJ partner split in late 2011, but Gerald continued to produce under the name Gritty Filth, using new techniques and styles that vary even outside the range of EDM. As of lately his interest in other various music styles has grown greatly, and he now has plans to study towards a dual major in Film Scoring & Sound Design starting January, 2012.



Erik Scerri started writing music at the age of twelve, but he has been studying musical theory since he was five, and has a diploma in Musical Composition. Erik uses FL Studio as his workstation, with a large range of high quality plugins added. Inspired by composers such as Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky, he composes mainly orchestral and cinematic music, although he is always eager to explore and implement new techniques and genres into his music, keeping his style new and exciting.



Up in the frozen wastelands of southern Québec, Samuel Hébert’s musical journey had already been predetermined by generations of musicians in his family. He was taught piano as well as musical theory before the age of 7 and from there went for a school specialised in music. His first encounter with the world of composition happened when he stumbled upon his father’s old composition software 5 years ago, and since that day his passion for learning pushed him to pursue higher studies in Jazz and Classical composition. Samuel now works professionally as a composer-arranger for various ensembles, and aspires to make a breakthrough in the videogame and cinematic industry.