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You need flash to listen to this!


This is a reduced score excerpt from the animation "Night of the Living Redead." During the given music a town celebrates destroying the zombie that had terrorized a family, only to find the zombie reawakening at the full moon that night to finish off the little girls mother and father who had survived previously. Afterwards the girl mourns for her dead mother and newly zombie-fied father.

The introduction is filled with classical theory based composition, and breaks off into an atonal catastrophe of a piece. After the climax, it returns to a subtle and sad piano composition outlining the main theme of the child. If you watch the flash you hear the repeat of that them in a lullaby like form. The theme of the little girl is also audible in the flute of the ending although stretched out to be 4 times the length.


Here is the link to the animation. Enjoy

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